SWTOR - Vinn Atrius and Paxton Rall

Young kim vinnatriussolo

Concept for Vinn Atrius, a former Horizon Guard that grouped with a Gemini Droid to take down the Eternal Alliance.

Young kim vinnatriusfinalrs

I felt like he was similar to Zemo from Civil War and wanted to give him a simple hairstyle to show how he wasn't someone exceptional -- just a normal guy. I imagined he would have accepted any upgrades the Gemini droid would have offered.

Young kim 5 2

Concept for a pirate character, I wanted him to have been a formidable opponent and trophy hunter -- collecting lightsabers of jedi and sith alike, and even ripping off a faceplate of a notable Mandalorian kill.

Young kim piratelord template3rs

Some character concepts from my time on the SWTOR project.

Vinn Atrius 3D model by Allison Cundiff: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AJ36X