The Scorch Eater

Young kim 9b rs

Fan art for Fallout 76, an NPC follower.

As you stumble out of Belching Betty, a figure in power armor stomps toward you.

"So you made it."

Jules, a Raider turned Responder, the last remaining member of the Fire Breathers.

Young kim 9b2 closeup

Jules "The Scorch Eater" is a former raider turned Responder, and is the last remaining member of the Fire Breathers.

Her raider gang was killed by the Scorched, but she was saved by the Fire Breathers. She hated the Responders and thought them to be foolish for protecting the weak. She and her gang had always believed the strong survived, and the weak died.

While under their care, she stumbled upon an old book about a foreign and ancient order of warriors. They followed a code, a way of the sword. It was an old book, and one of the Responders was generous enough to read to her and explained these tenets of the sword.

Her close proximity and exposure to the Fire Breathers facilitated a paradigm shift within her. She grudgingly decided to help them, but before she could truly pledge herself to them disaster struck. They were wiped out.

Jules decided to carry on their mission and travels the wasteland as a ronin, to help the weak and stop the Scorched.